Guyana, our true nature

Author/Director : Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Broadcaster : CANAL+ Overseas

Distributors : Tic-Tac Productions (Guyana) / Dynamo Production

Duration : 52′

In the Amazon, Guyana is a paradise. Nature is dense, powerful and seems unshakable. But the dazzling economic development of this territory is causing destruction that seems irremediable.
Fortunately, quiet heroes are implementing alternative solutions.
Marie-Rose GOBERT supports sick spirits by plunging voluntary drug addicts back into a natural environment. Franck BRASSELET builds large bioclimatic buildings and designs sustainable Amazonian architecture. Brice EPAILLY tries to reconcile agriculture and biodiversity, by developing agroforestry. Elodie BRUNSTEIN repairs dead soil destroyed by mining activity and brings the forest back to life.
Each in their own way, they participate in an intelligent development of society by strengthening this vital link which links people to Nature.