Ti Foli

Author / Director : Louvenson Saint Juste

Diffusers : In progress

Co-producers: MWÈM Foundation (Haïti) / Aurora Dominica (Dominican Republic) Dynamo Production (France)

Length : 10 x 4′

Ti Foli is one of the well known haitian red vans called Tap-Tap. She’s a bold and courageous female character that travels through the mountains, the cities, the fields and the beaches of Haiti.

She presents to the audience this islander country and guides the children on a journey around the little island for them to learn its history, geography, and traditions.

The goal of this stop motion animation is to give a chance to the children of Haiti to recognize themselves in a fictional character. This identification allows us to tackle subjects like gender equality, human rights, sustainable development or protection of the environment. Topics that regards them as much as all the children of the world.