Current projects

Estate di Marmo – Marble Summer

Authors/Directors : Valérie Fanti et Adèle Abrespy

Broadcaster : En cours

Production : Dynamo Production

Partner : With the support of Procirep-Angoa (developping help)


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Upstream Memories

Author/Director : Hugo Rousselin

Broadcaster : France Télévisions – Guyane la 1ère (convention de développement)

Production : Dynamo Production

Partner : Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane



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The local’s dream

Author/Director : Yves Bourget

Cinematographer : Tom Gineyts

Producers :  Philippe Djivas – Dynamo Production & Quentin Myon – D’boites Production

Broadcaster : En cours

Partner : Developement’s help with Procirep – Angoa

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[In developpement]

Author / Director : Louvenson Saint Juste

Diffusers : In progress

Co-producers: MWÈM Foundation (Haïti) / Aurora Dominica (Dominican Republic) Dynamo Production (France)

Length : 10 x 4′

TiFoli is a small red tap-tap that roams around the island of Haiti. He spreads civic virtue to the characters he meets, and he uncovers the country’s heritage.

Each episode of the series will visit one of the 10 departments of Haiti, as well as a few islands of the Caribbean and soon the Dominican Republic. One day he might go around the world!

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Marie-Josèphe’s Cinema
[In development]

Author/director : Jil Servant

Broadcaster : Martinique 1ère – France Télévisions

Producers : Palaviré Productions / Dynamo Production

Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte, of martiniquan father, is certainly one of the greatest editors of French cinema. She has proven incredible talent that is recognized by all.

Let’s re-edit time…

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Guyana, our true nature
[Shooting, release 2021]

Author/Director : Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Broadcaster : CANAL+ Overseas

Distributors : Tic-Tac Productions (Guyana) / Dynamo Production

Duration : 52′

In the Amazon, Guyana is a paradise. Nature is dense, powerful and seems unshakable. But the dazzling economic development of this territory is causing destruction that seems irremediable.
Fortunately, quiet heroes are implementing alternative solutions.
Marie-Rose GOBERT supports sick spirits by plunging voluntary drug addicts back into a natural environment. Franck BRASSELET builds large bioclimatic buildings and designs sustainable Amazonian architecture. Brice EPAILLY tries to reconcile agriculture and biodiversity, by developing agroforestry. Elodie BRUNSTEIN repairs dead soil destroyed by mining activity and brings the forest back to life.
Each in their own way, they participate in an intelligent development of society by strengthening this vital link which links people to Nature.

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