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Marie-Josèphe’s Cinema
[In development]

Author/director : Jil Servant

Broadcaster : Martinique 1ère – France Télévisions

Producers : Palaviré Productions / Dynamo Production

Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte, of Martinique father, is certainly one of the greatest editors of French cinema. She exercised with incredible talent and recognized by all. Let’s go back up time …

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Nouméa Métropole
[Shooting, release 2021]

Editor : Philippe MOREAU

Authors : Philippe MOREAU and Gautier DUBOIS

Broadcaster : France Télévisions – Nouvelle Calédonie 1ère

Distributors : Leamar Productions / Dynamo Production

Duration : 52′


Ephraïm, Julietta, Sosefo and Moisese will take their first steps in the world of professional rugby. All four won the sesame for an experience in metropolitan France in high-level clubs.
Far from New Caledonia, they discover a new world far from their standards and their certainties. For a while, they take a break from their studies and devote themselves fully to sport. They have twelve months to prove themselves, twelve months to make themselves indispensable in their team. Day after day, they get closer to their goal: to sign a contract with a professional club. But the health and political events of 2020 upset their plans, but each one adapts in its own way to the exceptional circumstances.
Some will succeed, others will not. But all will fight to get there. This experience is theirs, as is their destiny.

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Guyana, our true nature
[Shooting, release 2021]

Author/editor : Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Broadcaster : CANAL+ Overseas

Distributors : Tic-Tac Productions (Guyana) / Dynamo Production

Duration : 52′


In the Amazon, Guyana is a paradise. Nature is dense, powerful and seems unshakable. But the dazzling economic development of this territory is causing destruction that seems irremediable.
Fortunately, quiet heroes are implementing alternative solutions.
Marie-Rose GOBERT supports sick spirits by plunging voluntary drug addicts back into a natural environment. Franck BRASSELET builds large bioclimatic buildings and designs sustainable Amazonian architecture. Brice EPAILLY tries to reconcile agriculture and biodiversity, by developing agroforestry. Elodie BRUNSTEIN repairs dead soil destroyed by mining activity and brings the forest back to life.
Each in their own way, they participate in an intelligent development of society by strengthening this vital link which links people to Nature.

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Arts researchers
[Shooting, release 2021]

Editor : Philippe MOREAU

Authors : Philippe MOREAU and Edith FARINE

Broadcasters : France Télévisions – Martinique 1ère / TV5 Monde

Distributor : Dynamo Production

Duration : 52′


If the public debate is focused on the new “gold diggers”, there are other gems in Guyana: the works of artists from West Guyana, which are rarely exhibited under the dim lights of museum installations. .
The “Art Route” connects artists scattered throughout the West of this overseas region. They know nature by heart, they live, work and create by roads, rivers and in the forest. Guyana offers a “raw” raw material that is both inspiring and nurturing for these artists who have been creating, for some 40 or 50 years for some of them, from local raw materials: wood, metal, earth, fibers. They are of Hmong, Creole, Amerindian or Bushinengue origin.
The influences of these artists reveal, in hollow, the dynamics of society – in particular the Guyanese confluence of the Caribbean and Amazonian worlds – the successive migrations and the identity foundations of the cultural groups who live in this territory and intend to preserve their particularities.

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