Some current projects

Magnetic Letters
[In production]

Author – Director : Demie Dangla

Broadcaster : In progress

Producer : Dynamo Production, Pabelle Film Production

Partners : Purin Pictures Found

The film discovers personal and intimate accounts from decades-old cassette audio tapes that have been kept by Filipino migrant workers, revealing the emotional consequences of diaspora.

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Atacama Dump
[In development]

Author – Director : Pauline Pelsy-Johann

Broadcaster : In progress

Producer : Dynamo Production

Since the 1980s, Chile has been overwhelmed by a significant amount of second-hand textiles from around the world. This situation has led to the proliferation of illegal dumps in the Atacama desert, resulting in a considerable environmental impact. In order to deal with this ecological crisis, people are looking for solutions to reduce the industry’s impact.

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Estate di Marmo – Marble Summer
[In post-production]

Authors/Directors : Valeria Fanti and Adèle Albrespy

Broadcaster : In process

Production : Dynamo Production

Partner : With the support of Procirep-Angoa (development fund)


The end of fascism has left a difficult void to fill in Latina, a small “utopia” built under Mussolini’s regime. Today, despite being located just a few kilometers from the sea, no tourists venture there, and despite its 127,000 inhabitants, Latina seems abnormally empty as if time has stood still.

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Upstream Memories
[In development]

Author/Director : Hugo Rousselin

Broadcaster : France Télévisions – Guyane la 1ère (development agreement)

Production : Dynamo Production

Partner : Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane



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Ti Foli
[In development]

Author / Director : Louvenson Saint Juste

Diffusers : In progress

Co-producers: MWÈM Foundation (Haïti) / Aurora Dominica (Dominican Republic) Dynamo Production (France)

Length : 10 x 4′

Ti Foli is a small red tap-tap that roams around the island of Haiti. He spreads civic virtue to the characters he meets, and he uncovers the country’s heritage.

Each episode of the series will visit one of the 10 departments of Haiti, as well as a few islands of the Caribbean and soon the Dominican Republic. One day he might go around the world!

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