The inmates



Realised by

Hélène Trigueros

Written by

Hélène Trigueros




France, Bourgogne, the detention center of Joux-la Ville, the women’s section.

The shock of the sentence and the guilt in the face of the offence, every detainee has lived a long and painful process to accept having committed a crime and to understand the reasons that have brought them to prison. Five amongst them, imprisoned for long sentances, explain: the difficulty of everyday life in the company of so much suffering, the distress and solitude inside a cell, guilt towards their families, the sense of distance from the outside, the lack of affection, fear of leaving, future plans.

Each woman’s personal account tells the story of women imprisoned.

  • KTO
  • France Télévisions/France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Région Bourgogne

 France Télévisions / France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Dynamo Production

  • Doc ici court là, sélection 2016
  • Festival Territoire en Images 2009 (Paris, France) : Prix Arrimage
  • Festival de ciné-vidéo psy de Lorquin 2007
  • Festival Traces de Vies 2007 (Vic-le-Comte et Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Festival International meeting of Women and Cinema 2007 (Florence, Italie)
  • Festival international KIN (films de femmes) (Erevan, Arménie) année ?
  • Festival CIRCOM 2006 (Danemark) : Mention spéciale du Jury
  • Aux Ecrans du Réel, concours européen 1er film 2006 (Le Mans, France) : Prix du public
  • Mois du film documentaire 2006

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