Healing Journeys



Directed by

Mounir Slama

Written by

Johanna Tixier

Music by

Celyne Baudino


15 minutes


“Healing Journeys” is a poignant film that addresses the themes of endometriosis and gynecological violence through the life journey of Jeanne, a 30-year-old woman troubled by troubling symptoms.

For several years, Jeanne has been living with constant pain, describing it as a pine cone piercing her guts, like thorns growing inside her. Her quality of life deteriorates every day. Her pains weigh heavily on her daily life, whether in the presence of her friends, her colleagues, or even her partner, Léon.

Concerned and eager to find answers to her suffering, Jeanne decides to embark on a healing journey by consulting three renowned specialists. Despite the medical examinations, consultations, and tests she undergoes, Jeanne fails to obtain a precise diagnosis or concrete solutions to her questions. Faced with uncertainty and the frustration of not finding an answer, she begins to doubt her mental health.

Lighting Wave

Philippe Djivas

  • Johanna Tixier
  • Anny Vogel
  • Laurent Pasquier
  • Manon Barthelemy
  • Charlaine Maillol
  • Chloe Susini
  • Jérémy Jeannes
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