Vida Louca



Realised by

Joan de Camaret / Gaëla Blandy

Written by

Joan de Camaret / Gaëla Blandy




São Paulo, Brazil, 2007. Flavio, 17 years old, five bullets in his body. Adriano, 14 years old, crack addict. Bruna, 13 years old, shot a policeman. Cynthia, 18 years old, mother of three children. Nothing changes in this country. Street children are being rejected by their families, ignored by society, murdered by the police; they are called the “invisibles”. Charity organizations are their last resort. That’s where we installed a camera. They chose to tell us their stories. Through auto portraits, they testify, intimately, alone facing the camera, the screen turned toward them. Thanks to this set up, we were able to establish a trusting relationship and to collect unique words, free and sincere; “to the sole and unique condition that this film is never shown in Brazil.”


  • Public Sénat
  • CNC
  • Ministère de la Culture

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