Guyana, my true nature



Directed by

Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Written by

Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Music by

Pierre-Marie Levaillant




In the Amazon, Guyana is a paradise. Nature is dense, powerful and seems unshakable. But the rapid economic development of this territory leads to a destruction that seems irremediable.
Fortunately, discreet heroes are implementing alternative solutions.

Marie-Rose Gobert accompanies sick minds by plunging voluntary addicts into a natural environment. Franck Brasselet built large bioclimatic buildings and designed sustainable Amazonian architecture. Brice Epailly tries to reconcile agriculture and biodiversity, by developing agroforestry. Elodie Brunstein repairs dead soil destroyed by mining activity and revives the forest.
Each in their own way, they participate in an intelligent development of society by strengthening this vital link that connects Men to Nature

Canal + Antilles – Canal + Guyane

Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

Production aid of the Local Authority of Guyana

Dynamo Production

Tic-Tac Production

Philippe Djivas

Pierre-Olivier Pradinaud

Jean-Luc Vernet

Dynamo Production

Tic-Tac Production

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