Road to Dublin



Directed by

Jérémie Reichenbach

Written by

Philippe Djivas / Michel Djivas / Jérémie Reichenbach

Music by

Christophe Le Merrer / Grégory Moore




Students from “Max Joséphine of Cayenne” and “Elie Castor of Kourou” vocational high schools, from the Professional Baccalaureate in Commerce, Secretariat and Accounting, go to Dublin for their studies. After a fundraiser, it’s the big departure … Once arrived in Ireland, they followed an intensive upgrade in English at a language institute. Then, they did a professional internship in a company.

The film offers a story of this unique experience within the framework of the European Leonardo Mobility program.

France Télévisions / Guyane 1ère


France Télévisions / Guyane 1ère

Philippe Djivas

Dynamo Production

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