Anne-Marie Javouhey

from Cluny to Mana



Realised by

Jean-Michel Dury

Written by

Jean-Michel Dury / Edith Farine

Illustrated by

Nicolas Diaz (drawings) / Christophe Gaubert (plan)

Music by

Grégory Moore / Christophe Le Merrer




Nowadays in Mana, Guyana, the nun Anne Marie Javouhey (1779-1851) is still revered. People of Mana, descendants of the freed, are grateful to the nun for having employed, educated and baptized their forefathers, who acquired freedom, as early as 1838, ten years before the abolition of slavery. This film offers a new vision of this unique adventure in French colonial history.

  • France Télévisions : Guyane 1ère / France 3 Bourgogne
  • KTO TV
  • Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane
  • Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
  • Procirep/Angoa
  • DRAC Guyane 
  • Sacem/Alcimé
  • CNES (Centre Spatial guyanais)
  • CNC

France Télévisions / Guyane 1ère

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