Rouge Gorge



Directed by

Marie-Pascale Dubé

Written by

Marie-Pascale Dubé


48′ / 90′


At the age of 8, Marie-Pascale began to make a hoarse sound. It is the instrument of Inuit throat singing, the Katajjaq. This discovery and the quest in which she embarked have shaken up her life.  By learning to practice this song with an Inuk, she meets the Inuit people today.  Listening to their story, she also sees hers, intimate and collective.

  • TV5 Canada
  • Lyon Capitale TV
  • Vosges TV
  • The SCAM
  • The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region
  • The PACA Region
  • Procirep / Angoa
  • CNC Mini franco-canadien treaty
  • L’œil sauvage films
  • Périphéria (Canada)
  • Philippe Djivas
  • Frédéric Féraud
  • Yanick Létourneau
  • Festival International du Film Alpin des Diablerets (FIFAD): “Diable d’or” Award in the “World Culture” category
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