Birth of French suburbs



Directed by

Jil Servant

Written by

Erwan Ruty

Music by

Julien Oresta




This 52-minute film looks back on the history of the suburbs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the equality march, born in Vénissieux.

The 1980s, in the Lyon region, saw the emergence of a new France, that of the suburbs as we know them: deindustrialization, urban riots, city politics, urban cultures… They are a summary of the new course that society as a whole takes.

Birth of French suburbs looks back on a central decade in the history of the French suburbs and its evolution since. The film combines archive images and news illustrating the testimonies of women and men involved yesterday and today in these working-class neighborhoods of the Lyon region.

With Toumi Djaïdja and Father Christian Delorme (initiators of the 1983 March), Djida Tazdaït (associative leader, former MEP), John Kouadjo (associative activist in Minguettes (Vénissieux)), B-Boy Lilou (hip-hop dancer, breakdance world champion), Saïd Idir (association manager), David Bodinier (social organizer in La Villeneuve (Grenoble)), Gwenaëlle Legoullon (historian), Azouz Begag (writer, former minister).

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