Brandon’s Marake



Directed by

Dave Bénéteau De Laprairie

Written by

Dave Bénéteau De Laprairie / Laetitia Kugler

Music by

Laetitia Pansanel-Garric




Brandon, a Native American from the Wayampi community in Guyana, travels to his tribe for the marake ritual, for his passage from childhood to adulthood. We follow the path of this youngster, caught between tradition and modernity.

France O (case Archipels)

  • Territorial Collectivity of Guyane
  • Sacem/Alcimé
  • CNC

This film was developed within the Doc Amazonie Caraïbes program and produced as part of the Lumière d’Amazonie Caraïbes collection.

Philippe Djivas

  • Windrose
  • ADAV (cultural and educational grid)
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