Biscotine’s promise



Directed by

Jean-Michel Dury

Written by

Jean-Michel Dury / Edith Farine

Music by

Mic et Mure




“Leaving is already a success” said Biscotine to herself when she left Cameroon in 2005. For the next five years, she never ceased to reach for her goal: to settle in France and offer a future to her son, whom she had to leave behind.

  • France Télévisions : France 3 (case de l’Oncle Doc) / France 3 Bourgogne
  • Planète+ Justice
  • Bourgogne Region
  • Procirep/Angoa
  • CNC

France Télévisions – France 3 Bourgogne

Philippe Djivas

Light of Africa festival 2012 (Besançon, France)

Dynamo Production

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