Curlers Club



Realised by

Fabrice Vacher / Claire Judrin

Written by

Fabrice Vacher / Claire Judrin

Music by

Denis Frajerman




At the foot of the Montmartre mound, “Chez Monique, a ladies’ hair salon” is the feminine equivalent of a bistro. Neighborhood life is told and commented on, it is a refuge whose warmth rests on the generous and touching personality of its owner. At 71, Monique is about to leave and with her, the hair salon will disappear. Club Bigoudis, a film for the record, collects the daily life of this rare and authentic place.

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  • Procirep/Angoa
  • CNC
  • Forum des images (acquisitions)


Philippe Djivas

  • Festival of Social documentary of Colombelles 2008 (Colombelles, France)
  • Mounth of the documentary film 2008
  • Expositions : Gallery Artazart (Paris) and Fnac (Lyon)

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