Guignol, the anniversary



Directed by

Jérémie Reichenbach

Written by

Jérémie Reichenbach / Stéphanie Lefaure

Music by

Jean-Philippe Martinez




The famous story of the Lyon puppet Guignol is revisited, mixing reality and fiction. Madelon and Guignol are celebrating their 200th wedding anniversary. But Guignol has forgotten ! Madelon, annoyed, runs away. With the help of children who participate in the unfolding of the story, we take a walk in the streets of Lyon to help Guignol find his dear Madelon …

  • Cap Canal
  • TL7
  • CNC
  • Collectif Zonzons (Puppets Guignol’s Theater of Lyon)
  • Cap Canal
  • TL7
  • Quilombo Films
  • Philippe Djivas
  • Jérémie Reichenbach
  • Dynamo Production
  • Quilombo Films
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