Calypso at Dirty Jim’s



Directed by

Pascale Obolo

Written by

Pascale Obolo


52′ / 85’


Calypso music is in the soul of Trinidad. For three centuries, its interpreters have been the troubadours of the Creole world, the Griots of the Caribbean. Outstanding improvisers and poets allergic to all kinds of censorship. The Calypsonians told stories of slavery, liberation, world wars, independence and emigration, without forgetting Love at any moment. With Calypso Rose, one of the most prominent and emblematic figures of this genre, we meet this whole generation of artists.


  • Planète+
  • Canal Antilles-Prodom
  • France Télévisions : France 2 / France O
  • Canal+ Overseas
  • Procirep/Angoa
  • CNC
  • Planète
  • UNDP (Trinidad et Tobago)
  • BDC (Trinidad et Tobago)
  • Virgin
  • Maturity Music (Trinidad)
  • Canal Antilles-Prodom
  • Planète+
  • Philippe Djivas
  • Jean-Michel Gibert et Thierry Planelle
  • Vues d’Afrique Festival 2006 (Montréal, Canada) : Jury’s Special Mention
  • Panafricain Festival of Cannes 2006 (Cannes, France) : Dikalo d’Or Award
  • Quintessence – Ouidah International Film Festival 2007 (Ouidah, Bénin) : Python Papou Award
  • Festival International du Film Insulaire (Ile de Groix, France)
  • ACP Festival (Saint-Domingue) 
  • Africa in the Picture Festival (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas) 
  • JCC Festival (Carthage, Tunisie)
  • African Diaspora Film Festival (New York, USA)
  • Dynamo Production
  • Maturity Music (Trinidad)
  • Europe Images International
  • IMZ
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