Prison supervisor

Le contre-champ des barreaux



Directed by

Hélène Trigueros

Written by

Hélène Trigueros

Music by

Laurent Worms




There are four of them. Their profession as a prison guard is not one that makes you dream. They work in the “men” and “women” districts of the Dijon Arrest House, located in the heart of the city. They come out of the shadows to testify about their daily lives, their function, their relationship with the inmates, the justice system.

  • France Télévisions : France 3 (case de l’Oncle Doc) / France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Planète + Justice
  • Bourgogne Region
  • Ministry of Culture and Communication, Directorate of Architechture and Heritge, Mission of Ethnological Heritage
  • CNC

France Télévisions

Philippe Djivas

  • Documentary month 2009
  • International Cinema and Women Film Festival 2009 (Florence, Italie)
  • La Prison Portes Ouvertes Festival 2009 (Paris, France)

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