An ordinary desire



Directed by

Hélène Trigueros

Written by

Hélène Trigueros

Music by

Laurent Worms




Three couples have one thing in common: they are made up of people from the same sex. From the clandestine construction of sexual orientation to self-acceptance, from the birth of the couple in intimacy to its visibility in society, these three couples live their homosexuality freely and assumed without reducing it to a simple difference in sexual behavior.


France Télévisions :

  • France 3 (case de l’Oncle Doc)
  • France 3 Bourgogne
  • France 3 Alsace
  • Bourgogne Region
  • Rhône-Alpes Region
  • Procirep/Angoa
  • CNC

France Télévisions

Philippe Djivas

  • Libre Regard Festival 2016 (Belfort)
  • Documentary film festival l’Ici et l’Ailleurs 2013 (Bresse Bourguignonne) :  Nominated for Plume d’Or
  • Afrikadaa Women Film Festival 2013 (Paris)
  • Film d’Action Sociale Festival , 19th documentary encounter of the 4 IRTS of Lorraine 2012
  • Month of documentary film 2012

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