With our own hands



Directed by

Philippine Orefice

Written by

Philippine Orefice

Music by

Brice Agbodoh aka « Yoov » and Eugène Briquet aka « Genobri »




These are small jobs as there are many in Saint-Laurent du Maroni. In this border town of Guyana with strong social stakes, Dimo, Rosaline and Mélanie created their work. A first material need that they realize daily with determination and the relentless will to rise. In this film, great emphasis is given to the gestures and dexterity of these three workers. With a large space to tell each other’s stories, we gradually discover who is hiding behind this roadside stand, the sheers of this family apartment or the planks of this wooden house. Behind the ordinary of these situations, the three characters open a reflection on the notion of work and paint, through their different paths and trajectories, a portrait of Saint-Laurent and part of what is played out on a daily basis for its inhabitants.

France Télévisions – Guyane la 1ère

Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

France Télévisions

Pôle Image Maroni

Saint-Laurent du Maroni

This film was developed in 2021 as part of a writing residency called “Doc Amazonie Caraïbes” in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, organized by Doc Monde and Pôle Image Maroni, and supervised by Eve Tailliez and Vladimir Léon.

5° Nord Productions

Dynamo Production

Philippe Djivas

Didier Urbain

5° Nord Productions

Dynamo Production

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