Directed by

Stéphane Collin

Written by

Stéphane Collin




« Slam’aleïkum! » launches Marco in his mike. « Aleïkum Slam! » answers the public of the « Le Bistroy » café, where the traditional slam session takes place every last Tuesday of the month. We are in Lyon, on the Croix-Rousse hill. The ambience is warm. Marco, Master of Ceremony, starts by one of his texts, then invites the first Slammer to go on stage.

One of the most dynamic Slammers’ group in France is based in Lyon. It is important thanks to its participants’ number, activities and notoriousness. The group, gathering around ten members, attends many festivals in France, Swiss and Belgium.

At the heart of this group, Marco acts in various activities linked to Slam: text writing workshops, radio, programmes, slam session MC, thinking and acting head of the Slammers Group « the Lyons Section of Word Collectors », being a slammer himself. He is our main character, our lead wire…

Thanks to him, to his knowledge of the Slam network in Lyons and in France, to his contacts, he led us through the slam scheme of the city.

Searching as much in the cozy cafés programming Slam as in the more official event “Poets’ Spring” of Lyon, we will discover the Slam Universe in his wake.

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  • FASILD (The Support and Action for Intégration in the Fight against Discriminations Fund)
  • Rhône-Alpes Region
  • CNC

Cités Télévision

Dynamo Production

  • Compagnie des Docs (Corporation of Docs) 2007 (Grenoble, France)
  • International Festival of Film 2005 (Amiens, France)
  • Kultur’o Polis Festival 2005 (Rodez, France)

Dynamo Production

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